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Cylinder Head Service Update!

Note! Cylinder head service, modification and repair can be arranged via E-mail only. We are very busy and are not taking on many projects at this time. Thank you and please enjoy our articles below!

Aftermarket Rocker Arm Setup Tech

Everyone knows roller rockers look impressive, but few people actually know how to get maximum performance from them. We guarantee you'll be up to speed, both literally and figuratively after reading our newest articles pertaining to aftermarket roller rocker arms. Click here, or visit our Articles page to learn more.

"Improving MGB, MGC and V8" Companion Article

Read all about our test engine, cylinder heads and methods in this exciting new companion article to the newly revised book "Improving MGB, MGC and V8" by Roger Williams. Click here, or go to our Articles page to read more.

Lotus Engine Development Article

Is bigger always better? You can find out how we gained airflow, torque and horsepower by using smaller valves, cams and carburetors, with our Lotus Twin Cam engine project. Click here, or go to our Articles page to read more.

MGB Cylinder Head Crack Location Article.

Knowing where cracks are most likely to occur is the first step to finding them. You can check out our detailed pictorial on crack detection by clicking here.

Internet Celebrity Cylinder Head Week

Three MG Experience forum regulars get their cylinder heads reworked to our "Fast Road" standards in this chronicle of events. It's like reality TV for your computer as we delve into the particulars of each case at hand. Click here to join the excitement.

MGB Cylinder Head Casting Numbers Explained

Without the right clues, knowing what type of cylinder head you have can be difficult. Just because you have an engine of a certain model year does not guarantee you have a matching head. Go directly to our MGB cylinder head identification article to identify your cylinder head unquestionably.

Getting The Lead Out

An inside look at the negative effects of unleaded fuel on classic cylinder heads, as well as the options available to prevent them is presented in this informative article. Don't waste money on quick and dirty rebuilding methods, click here to learn what it takes to do the job right.

Cylinder Head Modification

An engine's ability to produce power lies in the airflow capabilities of the cylinder head. Since airflow is the key to power, a properly prepared cylinder head is the key to a powerful engine. You can learn more about airflow and engine performance by clicking on our Articles page for additional information.

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